US-VISIT Program Summary

US-VISIT Program at Port of Entry

Since January 2004, the Department of Homeland Security implemented a new measure of security for foreign travelers entering into USA, called US-VISIT.

As part of the traveler’s entry record into the United States at most of the airports and seaports, travelers are required to have their digital photo and digital finger print taken. US-VISIT biometric entry procedures are currently in place at 115 airports, 15 seaports and in the secondary inspection areas of 154 land ports of entry. US-VISIT exit procedures are operating at 12 airports and two seaports.

US-VISIT Exit Procedure

As part of US-VISIT, visitors will eventually need to verify their departure. The US-VISIT system is designed to make this check-out process easy, and involves a test of automated self-service workstations and other alternatives in the international departure areas of air and sea ports. By scanning travel documents and capturing finger scans on the same inkless device, the system matches the visitors’ identity, verifies departure, and confirms compliance with U.S. immigration policy. Compliance with these new security procedures is critical because the exit information also will be added to the visitors’ travel record to document their status for future visits to the United States. At your checking counter you may be given an information flyer/brochure with instructions to use US-Visit Exit procedure or refer to an airport official for further information.

Visitors Exempt from the US-VISIT Program

  • USA citizens entering back to USA.
  • Lawful permanent residents (green card holders).
  • Foreign visitors under age 14 and over age 79
  • Canadian Visitors with a few exceptions
  • Mexican Visitors with a few exceptions
  • Visitors on other specific types visa

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