Port of Entry (POE) and I-94 Related Information

Port of Entry (POE)

Port of Entry (POE) is the immigration check counter at the destination airport of the USA. Upon your arrival in the USA, you will have to pass through the customs counter where the immigration/customs officer will ask you certain questions about you and your visit. Then your passport will be stamped.

I-94 Slip

You will also receive the I-94 counter slip at the POE or more often it is given to travelers on the plane before landing. The date given on your I-94 is the limit of your legal stay in this country and not the date on the Visa.

Always double check the dates and other relevant information on the I-94. If there is any mistake like type of visa or date given by the officer is not correct you should immediately let the officer know and get it corrected. In case you noticed that the information is not correct later. Contact your local CBP (Customs) office or call 1- 877-CBP-5511 Monday-Friday, between 8:30 and 5:00 Eastern Time.

This is what happens at the port of entry

  • Immigration officer looks at your travel documents (passport, visa, I-94 form).
  • May ask questions about your visit to the US.
  • Take digital picture and digital finger print; part of the US-VISIT Program
  • Stamp your passport and provide a departure date on I-94.

The following diagram is a step-by-step process at the POE, Point of Entry

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