USA Visitor Visa, B1 B2 visa to USA

USA Visitor Visa (B2 visa)

The "visitor" visa is a Nonimmigrant visa for people wishing to enter United States temporarily for pleasure, medical treatment, and business. The visitor visa is often known as B-1/B-2 visa.

USA B2 Visitor Visa Requirements

To qualify for the USA Visitor Visa the purpose is important. If the purpose of your trip is to visit USA for a short duration for pleasure, tourism, and meet relatives, family, or friends, then visitor visa known as Tourist visa to USA or B-2 visa is the right visa for you.

The U.S. consular officer decides if the applicant is eligible to enter United States or not. The following is the qualification criteria by which the consular will grant the visitor visa.

A Visa applicant must demonstrate that :

  • The purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for pleasure, amusement, visit friends and relatives, or seek medical treatment.
  • They plan to remain for a specific and limited period.
  • Evidence of compelling social and economic ties to their home country. They should prove that they have a residence outside United States U.S. as well as other social and economic binding ties that will ensure their return back to their home country.
  • Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States

You may not need a visa if you are covered under the visa waiver program. Some countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program (WVP), where the citizens of those countries do not require a visa to America if their stay in US is less than 90 days. They can enter America without a visa under the Visa Waiver Program

Your trip can be sponsored

1. Sponsored Trip:

Your trip and visa can be sponsored. The applicant's child or relatives living in USA can sponsor the visa for the applicant.

A sponsorship can be helpful in case the applicant does not have sufficient funds or finances to cover the expensive trip to USA. A sponsored trip is usually beneficial for parents visiting their children in USA. ( Details and required documents for Sponsoring the US visitor visa)

Who can sponsor : Any US-based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, relatives, and friends. The sponsor should provide an affidavit of support (form I-134). The form is a confirmation that the sponsor is ready to undertake the financial liability of the applicant during the visit.

Sponsoring does not guarantee the approval of visa. The applicants must fulfill the required criteria to be approved for a US visitor visa.

2. Self Sponsored:

You can sponsor the US trip yourself. You must have sufficient funds and proof of financial capability to cover your expenses during the trip.

Visitor Visa Application Procedure

Here is Step by Step Process for US Visitors Visa process with details.

Include process details of US visa application form, filing guide and instructions.

Get Digital Picture
Complete US Visa Application
Pay US Visa Application Fee
Schedule OFC & Visa appointments
Attend the OFC (fingerprinting) appointment
Attend US Visa Interview

Required Documents for the Visitor Visa Interview

Must have Documents for US Visitor Visa interview

  • A valid passport that does not expire prior to 6 months of your intended stay.
  • Printout of your confirmation page from the form DS-160. [See a Sample]
  • Fee receipt US Visa Fees.
  • One photograph
  • Original/ Copy of Visa interview appointment letter.
  • Each applicant irrespective of their age must possess and carry an individual passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond the intended period of stay.

Other supporting documents to show your Ties with your home country.

You must demonstrate strong economic, social, and familial ties with your home country. Also demonstrate that you will not become a burden on US by proving your financial stability to cover the expenses in US. These facts will ensure the interviewing officer that you will return to your home country after the authorized period of stay in USA. The required documents are:

  • Evidence of sufficient funds for the visit to US (Bank statement and passbook etc)
  • Evidence to show that you have strong ties to your home country. Documents related to the property you own and your employment are good examples.
  • If you are employed get a verification letter of employment.
  • If you are self-employed get a financial and other documentary proof of the ownership.
  • If you are a government employee get an NOC.
  • Tax ID, PAN ID, and last year's tax-related documents
  • Original property papers like house, shop or business ownership documents etc. which a person owns in India/home country. If no papers available make a notarized affidavit for the same.
  • Running any business or organization.
  • Family bindings like unmarried children,old aged parents and other family responsibilities.
  • If person is an employee, then show proof of employment and proof of leave grant from the office. And any such document which shows that you have reasons to come back.

For Parents visiting their children in USA additional documents are required:

  • Birth Certificate of the sponsoring child. In case the Birth Certificate is not available then an Affidavit of Birth Certificate can be used as a replacement.
  • Copy of passport of sponsoring child.
  • If the sponsor is sponsoring his/her in-laws then copies of Birth Certificate and passport of the child (i.e. the sponsor's spouse) are required.

B2 applicants who plan to accompany or join the B1 visa holders to US

The B2 visa applicants in this case are the spouse and children or other relatives of B1 visa holder. The documents required are:

  • Copy of the B1 visa holder's passport.
  • Copy of B1 holder's visa if he or she has already procured the visa.
  • Letter to the consulate from the B1 visa holder stating that he or she wishes the B2 applicant (spouse, children etc) to visit US.
  • A formal letter of invitation from the B1 holder inviting the B2 applicants to Visit US and taking responsibility for their expenses.

Biometric Interview Process for FingerPrinting and Photograph at Visa Application Center

Video : US visa interview, What happens inside the consulate

The trip to US can be sponsored by the applicant's child or relatives living in USA. A sponsorship can be beneficial if the applicant doesn't have sufficient funds/finances to support the trip to USA. Sponsorship is not a guarantee of US visa approval. Any US-based person can sponsor visa for his/her parents, relatives, and friends. The sponsor should provide an affidavit of support (form I-134) that affirms that the sponsor is ready to undertake the liabilities associated with the applicant's trip.

Documents required from the sponsor

  • Invitation letter: The applicants will need an invitation letter from their sponsor in order to visit US. They might need to show the document at the interview.
    Invitation letter for Tourist visa to USA
  • Affidavit of support: form I-134.
  • Copy of the sponsor's passport.
  • Letter of employment if the sponsor is an employee in USA.
  • Letter to US consulate from the sponsor requesting that visa be granted to the applicants.
  • A Bank account verification letter from the sponsor's bank proving that the sponsor has an account with that bank. The letter can also show the sponsor's bank balance.
  • Copy of the sponsor's last income tax returns or W2 forms.
  • If the sponsor is self-employed or owns a business, copy of personal tax return is required.
  • Letter of employment of the sponsor.
  • If the sponsor is a visa holder then copies of the visa (H1/L1), H1 approval form (I-797) and I-94 are required.
  • If the sponsor is a Green card holder or a citizen then copies of those are required.
  • Copies of sponsor's recent pay stubs

You can also sponsor the trip to US yourself. You must have sufficient funds and proof of financial capability that can cover your expenses. Read more about US Visa Sponsor Requirements

Where to Apply for the Visitor Visa?

Applicants for visitor visas or B-2 visa should generally apply to the American Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over their place of permanent residence. Although visa applicants may apply at any U.S. consular office abroad, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa outside the country of permanent residence.

Find the nearest United States consulate to you

Visa Denial or Refusal

Visa can be delayed under 221 (g) or denied under 214 (b). The US visitor visa can be delayed if the consular officer feels that more information is required. It can also be denied. The applicant can reapply for a US visa if the applicant feels that the circumstances and basis for refusal have changed. The consular officers are not obliged to re-examine the applications if the circumstances of refusal has not changed.

Learn more about Visa Denial or Refusal

US visa extension

USA tourist visa can be extended by filing an application I-539 to USCIS along with applicable fee. Extension can be provided for eligible cases.

Learn more about USA Visa extension

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