US Visitor Visa Fingerprinting & Biometrics at Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC)

You have to give fingerprints and take a digital photograph as part of the US visa application process. You have to give these biometric information on your OFC appointment. The Offsite Facilitation centers or OFC's are located in the same city as the US Embassy/Consulate.

Information required to make an appointment for US Visa Fingerprinting with OFC

  • Your passport number
  • The date you paid your fee
  • The ten-digit barcode from your DS-160 confirmation page

Documents required for the OFC Appointment for biometrics

  • Your passport that will not expire at least 6 months after your intended period of stay.
  • Your DS-160 confirmation page
  • Your appointment confirmation page
  • Visa application Fee receipt

Fingerprinting & Biometrics for US B1 B2 Visitor Visa or Business Visa

You have to give fingerprints of all ten fingers. The fingerprints are usually taken in a particular order: First the fingerprints from your left four fingers, then from your right four fingers, and then from your thumbs together. These ink-free digital imprints are collected for a reason. On your interview, you may be asked to give your fingerprints. This is to enable the officials to cross-check your identity. At the port of entry you will again be asked to give the imprints. This is also to cross-check the authenticity of your identity.

If you have permanent handicap or injury to your hand or fingers, there are certain rules to follow. To assess the rules in such cases please refer to the following link:

Safety & Security of U.S. Borders: Biometrics

NOTE: In case fingerprints from any of the ten fingers cannot be obtained because of injury or cut to the finger you will be asked to take a new appointment after the finger has healed.

A digital photograph of the applicant will be taken at this appointment. The visa interview officer might refer to it at your interview. In addition to the photo attached in the DS-160 form, this photo is also part of your visa application.

If you qualify for the Interview waiver "Drop-Box" program then you do not need to schedule an appointment for the fingerprinting:

  • Applicant is under the age of 14 and over the age of 80.
  • Applicant is renewing the visa under the same category
  • Applicant belongs to the categories A-1,A-2,G-1,G-2,G-3,G-4, C-3 and NATO.

Note: Check with your local embassy if you qualify for a US Visa Interview Waiver Program.

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