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United States Visa Fingerprinting
At the time of the visa interview, applicants will be asked to electronically scan the index (second)
finger of each hand. Applicants who are required to be fingerprinted who have a cut or blister or other temporary skin injury on their index fingers may not be issued a visa until their finger heals before they can be fingerprinted. Visas issued after fingerprinting are referred to as "BioVisas".
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Visitor Visa Fingerprinting US Visa Fingerprinting

Picture : Digital fingerprinting at time of interview

The scanned fingerprint data collected at time of visa application will be compared with fingerprint scans at the U.S. port of entry to prevent the use of U.S. visas by imposters and by those wanted for more serious offenses.

This is a worldwide program and has already been implemented in more than 150 U.S. Consular sections around the world.

This program is not targeted at any country or region. All United States visa issuing posts will be collecting fingerprint data by October 26, 2004, complementing the U.S.-VISIT program in which nearly all visitors to the United States, including those from countries eligible for the visa waiver program, have their fingerprints and photograph taken at the airport on arrival in the U.S.

If you already hold a visa, you need not come to the consulate for finger printing. You may travel as long as your visa is valid.